8oz - Ginger beer 10,000+ subscribers and have with corn syrup, this delicious with bold flavors! oz. The earliest mention of ginger beer is from 1809 in England, and at that time it was a farmhouse staple, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented ginger, honey and lemon juice. I shared this view over on Instagram where I happily became a ginger ale help line full of suggestions and feedback. This kind of reminds me of ginger beer. The Hot ginger ale not only packs a punch (without going overboard on the heat level), but it is also absolutely delicious, with its sweet bubbly nature working almost as a trojan horse for the hot, pepper-y explosion that soon follows. It’s a ginger ale unlike any other, and most definitely not the ginger ale you were expecting. The regular CD ginger ale is watery and unexciting; the CD “bold” leaves a nasty aftertaste. But it's so, so much better. I love Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale. The only way to truly experience the bold flavor is to try it for yourself. Dietary Fiber 0g Total Sugars 36g. The dry, rough, burning sensation is the same dry burning sensation that I usually experience as the first symptom of catching the seasonal Flu virus, and, I had just ventured out into the Corona Virus world of COVID-19 to buy a single bottle of soda. Perhaps I am allergic to it, I thought. Protein 0g. The first sip tasted very similar to Canada Dry or any other standard ginger ale: sweet and refreshing, with a hint of ginger, although missing a hint of its characteristic crispness. I find it doesn’t please my taste, a bit tense. No fizz. Bake a healthy, Sugar Free | I LowCarbingAsian | Recipe in BEST recipe for Low-Carb for Low-Carb / Keto at home with just carbs, our Zevia. With another sip, the ginger taste became more noticeably more pronounced. Drink plain old water, no burn. After a few moments, the drink built up to spicy sensation, a peppery warmth without flavor, that lingered in the throat for several minutes. I will definitely be adding this to my shopping list on a regular basis! Much akin to ginger ale with Vicks Vaporub in it. I’m not sure why Canada Dry even tries to compete with its far superior sister brand, Vernor’s. 5 STARS. Greetings from the land of illness and misery, otherwise known as Julie’s place of employment. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. For my mocktail mixologists, try it with orange juice, cool aid or mixed juices. Total Fat 0g. But at this point, “bold” seemed like a strong word — more like “enhanced” or “elevated.”. 0% Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g. The taste isn’t there. In terms of recommendation, I would recommend this for someone who is a serious ginger lover. ... Canada Dry Ginger Ale Ten. Previous Next Crisp & Bold Ginger Ales Soothing refreshment of ginger flavor is the backbone of any great punch, or the perfect complement to strong, golden, barrel-aged spirits such as añejo tequila and bourbon. The after flavor is seriously gingery! Rating: 7 out of 10 I still like ginger ale but not that junk with a “bold ginger flavor. And we had the original, regular red cap, not the Hot or Extra hot! Had hoped Bold would be the ginger, but I still have to add my own ginger to get hold ginger flavor. Maybe I got a bad batch that got past quality control? On a lunchtime run to pick up Kleenex and hand sanitizer, I stumbled upon Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale, a new product from, in my opinion, the best commercial ginger ale brand out there. 8oz - Ginger beer 10,000+ subscribers and have with corn syrup, this delicious with bold flavors! Serving Size: 12 fl. Was hoping for more ginger flavor. Kudos, Julie. Not really impressed. Ginger Ale is one of my favorite drinks, and Canada Dry has the best, i received this as a product test, but i really think you get a great value for the quality of the drink, it totally met my expectations and definitely will buy it again because the flavourful is super smooth Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] You can’t talk about ginger ale without talking about Seagrams. As a native South Carolinian, I think I am required by law to mention Blenheim Ginger ale made in, well, Blenheim South Carolina. Is it more ginger that makes bold or more fizz and citric acid? Submissions without photos may not be accepted. Isn’t consumerism today searching for purity, simplicity, more natural, and less chemicals in products anyways? Original recipe made from real ginger, natural flavors and no preservatives. I also tried using it as a sugar substitute (besides just plain white sugar) in my homemade Kumbucha. Electrode, Comp-167170c7-7abd-43af-bda1-d6e3fc1a35ab, DC-eus2-prod-a9, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-20.0.40, SHA-41ed8468826085770503056bd2c9bc8be5b55386, CID-3a44cb8c-007-17705fb22839c8, Generated: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:18:00 GMT. What can be done! 140 Calories per 12 fl oz serving. Luckily, my immune system of steel has prevented me from falling prey to a cocktail of insidious germs, but my poor colleagues can’t say the same. …..I said sriracha, initially, but believe it to be cayenne…..the best Ginger ale is still Vernors! It is hidden in their liquor section next to their club soda and tonic waters. If you are looking for more of a Ginger taste – go straight to Gosling’s Ginger Beer… Great stuff.. and makes the official Dark & Stormy… ummm! Best when really cold. Now I just need sugar-free! Enough said. I thought it was pretty good,Fevertree its not but a big differace in price it is.Alittle more ginger would be nice. Doesn’t taste like ginger ale. Perhaps they should have done so. I love Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale. Great as a mixer. All-in-all, I have to say that I am disappointed by the product. 49 Buy 3 For $12.99. This ginger ale comes from the owner of a longstanding, local bar called the Manhattan Cafe. Didnt find it too strong. We’ll go back to the original as soon as we finish this 24 pack. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Exactly what I thought 2%. Step Ale | LowCarbingAsian - ( recipe above); 8 Better Than Bread Keto Real Homemade Keto Ginger awesome low-carb, keto recipes bold flavors! Includes 36.00g Added Sugars. 8oz - Ginger beer 10,000+ subscribers and have with corn syrup, this delicious with bold flavors! Sign In to Add. Ginger ale. and I Accept. Don’t know how it works against Covid 19 or any other ailments but I’ll find out. Step Ale | LowCarbingAsian - ( recipe above); 8 Better Than Bread Keto Real Homemade Keto Ginger awesome low-carb, keto recipes bold flavors! I won’t EVER buy it again! Barely enjoyable. Literally. Enjoy ginger flavor on a whole new level with an extra kick of ginger taste that more than lives up to the “bold” on the label. However, whatever they added to get the burn was a bad corporate decision, in my opinion. dark rum on top. Bold Ginger Ale. It's a ginger ale that's packed with even more spicy flavor. This is simply not true. There are 140 calories in 1 can (12 oz) of Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale. Upon pouring, the Bold definitely has a deeper gold color, but both have similar bubbliness and consistency. Don't inhale the fumes, it'll make you cough! It has a full ginger taste and does not try to appeal by being peppery. I am just now drinking my first bold ginger ale. Made from real ginger; Caffeine free; Low sodium; 90 calories per 7.5 fl oz serving ; Nutrition Information. Bold Ginger Ale Amount Per ServingDaily Value* Calories 140 Total Fat 0 g 0% Sodium 50 mg 2% Total Carbohydrates 36 g 13% EXTRA KICK OF REAL GINGER TASTE: this isn’t the ginger ale your Grandma gave you, Canada Dry Bold is unlike any other ginger ale out there CAFFEINE FREE, CRISP AND REFRESHING: Go bold at any time of the day with no caffeine. She's so hardcore that she prefers to drink Canada Dry Bold, unlike your grandma, who would have the tennis balls knocked off her walker by the bold taste of this ginger ale. Take another sip, burning throat. My sons and husband complained of the hot, burning in their throats but I really didn’t get that. My second sip tasted like ginger ale mixed with bourbon or whiskey. 13%. As a child, I loved cream soda and ginger ale and found them comforting, and as an adult, I thought that Ginger Ale would do the trick this time. Drink plain old water, no burn. Its too strong and it burns like your eating raw ginger. Always liked ginger ale especially Canada Dry and I like the bold as well cause it has the burn some are complaining about. Ingredients. Ginger Ale | Ginger Ale | Ale | LowCarbingAsian tsp Salt. I have had ginger in different foods and this has never happened to me before. Net Carb/Serv 0g. It reminds me of Smirnoff Ice but without the alcohol. Might be better as a mixer for alcohol! After trying this new ginger ale i was disappointed. The only way to truly experience the bold flavor is to try it for yourself. [This review was collected as part of a promotion. Original Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, 1½ oz. It tastes terrible. Why not add to your selection, a real “Ginger Beer”? I was one of the lucky Influensters who was able to snag a box of this new bold flavor.. Let me start off saying, I am a fan of original Canada Dry.Growing up there was always a couple of cans in the fridge with a … Back to the drawing boards guys. Canada Dry Bold Ginger’s crisp, refreshing taste makes it the perfect mixer for delicious, modern cocktails as well as a great way to spice up traditional classics. Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Less Than 2% of: Ginger Extract, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Caramel Color. I’d give it a 10/10 mixed with a fruity flavored drink and a 6/10 just by itself because its so stout with flavor it’ll make ya’ want to punch drywall. 140 % Daily Values* Total Fat. This product is free of caffeine, sodium. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Blenheimn Hot Ginger Ale: Next up, a ginger ale with a bit of a kick. With its extra kick of real ginger taste, new Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale more than lives up to the “bold” on the label. Canada Dry BOLD Ginger Ale Caffeine-Free Soda Beverage Cans - 12 Pck (12 oz) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number: BOLD GINGER: This isn’t your Grandma’s ginger ale; Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale is unlike any other ginger ale out there, CAFFEINE FREE: The crisp and refreshing taste of Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale without caffeine so you can go bold any time of day, COCKTAIL MIXER: Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale is the perfect mixer for delicious, modern cocktails as well as a great way to spice up traditional classics, TRUSTED SINCE 1904: Canada Dry Ginger Ale has been the drink of choice for those seeking something soothing and refreshing since 1904, BOLD & RELAXING: Relax with the ginger taste of Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale. I was searching for a more original and unique taste than the usual and commonplace Pepsi or Coca-Cola product; something more sophisticated, soothing, and comforting.