Fish and Wildlife Service’s Geospatial Services, NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency GEOINT Services, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Enhanced Historical Land Use/Land Cover (U.S. Geological Survey), ICPSR's Historical, Demographic, Economic, and Social Data: The United States, 1790-2002, National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Multiresolution Land-Characteristics Consortium (MRLC), Geospatial at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa, Natural Resources Canada - Geoscience Data Repository, UIACC - Unidad de de Informacion Ambiental y Cambio Climatico, Georeferenced Population Datasets of Mexico, China Administrative Regions GIS Data: 1:1 M, County Level, 1990 by CIESIN, USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS), USGS Global Visualization Viewer (GloVis), WDC for Human Interactions in the Environment, General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO), Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. In addition to the links below, Maps & GIS maintains an extensive local GIS data collection of College Station, Bryan, and Brazos County. Most requested maps are available as PDF/JPEG. Themes include orthoimagery, soils, common land unit, cultural and demographics, geographic boundaries and places, elevation hydrography, cadastral, transportation, digital raster quads, land cover/vegetation/plants, watershed boundaries, wetlands, precipitation and temperature, flood hazards, and national inventory of dams/water control infrastructures. One of the largest collections of Earth imagery: satellite images and data, aerial photography, elevation and land cover, digitized maps, and more. PAY BILL. National geographic databases of transportation infrastructure and facilities. 377 Utility GIS Technician jobs available on It allows browsing of images within USGS’ inventory. Pasadena, TX - GIS Map Viewer. Texas Pride crews are working diligently to get your waste collected. Social Media. Basic data are also offered, including boundaries (province and county), digital elevation models (DEM), stream network, and transportation systems. Each parcel has the land value, the productivity value and the improvement value for each year. Our sympathy and prayers are with his loved ones, friends, and the Katy community during this time of great loss. The City of Dallas's Official GIS Datasets. Official spatial repository for statistical data produced by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Houston has a strong mayor form of government. The P&D Department has developed an enterprise level GIS to serve the entire City of Houston. Data at scales ranging from 1:12,000 to 1:500,000. Global near real-time fire information to users to support natural resource and fire managers around the World. Utilities - Water, Sewer, Storm. Data Requests allow users to ask for data that is not published in the platform yet. of Transportation) Houston - Toll Roads (Harris County Toll Road Authority) Houston - Tourist Maps (Frommer's) Humble - GIS Maps (City of Humble) Huntsville - Sam Houston State University Maps (Sam Houston State University) Lists the 24 regional council of governments (COGs) in Texas. STOP SERVICE. This page is the City's public platform for exploring, visualizing, and downloading location-based data. As the underlying technology fueling GIS (geographic information system) continues to expand, we have mastered the best way to gather, manage, and utilize these powerful points of data for our clients. Looking for a great paid job opportunity at City Houston in Houston, TX? HIGH BILL. The elected officials, who serve four-year terms, are: the mayor, the city controller and 16 City Council Members: 11 represent a district and 5 elected citywide. It provides links to organizations that distribute and use land cover data. Looking for a city form, application or document. The Houston Public Works provides many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in Houston. The goal of the GIS division is to serve the geographic information system and geospatial needs of the City of Houston across departments and among all staff and citizens. Houston, MO 65483 These shape files are updated every hour. It is operated by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and provides access to the largest natural resource information system in the world, including soil maps and data for more than 95 percent of the U.S. counties. Get hired! Soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. This is the City of Houston's open data portal. Maps & GIS holds the BCAD data from 2004 to present, available to all TAMU affiliated library patrons. Zoning, Plats, PUD, SUP, CUP, Ordinances. 601 S Grand Ave. | Houston, MO 65483 | (417) 967-3348 | Email Us. PAY BILL. Apply on company website Save. Land use/land cover from the 1970s and 1980s. Business Directory Things To Do Local Resources Blog. 1001 Buchanan Drive, Suite 4 | P.O. The City of Dothan and Houston County Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Mapping and Appraisal MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR WARRANTY FOR FITNESS OF USE FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THESE MAPS OR GIS PRODUCTS.Any user of these map or GIS products accepts same AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS, and assumes all … More City Hall. Appraisal, city, college, county, emergency, fire, highway, school polygons, and other data. Copyright © City of Houston, Missouri. gis @ the city of houston. Subdivisions, Voting Precincts, Streets. Houston has a strong mayor form of government. Tietoa City of Houston Open Data Portal; CKAN ohjelmointirajapinta (API) CKAN Association; Maintained and supported by Houston Information Technology Services (re)built in Houston by . BILL QUESTIONS. Cropland Data Layers (CDL) from the USDA. Drainage - Detention, Ditches, Contours. Historical land use and land cover classification data that was based primarily on the manual interpretation of 1970's and 1980's aerial photography. Free raster and vector data, aerials, GPS maps, DEMs, and satellite imagery. Chinese counties, census statistics and Digital Chart of the World China GIS layers. It also offers global administrative areas with subdivisions such as provinces, departments, districts, and more. A clickable map, mission-roll-frame search, and technical search are provided to find photos. GIS is ever-evolving and our team has over 60 years of combined experience working together at LJA on this fast-paced technology. Use of the maps and data indicates the user’s acceptance of all associated risks. Some COGS are more proactive in sharing data, but most have some GIS data to share even if it is not posted online. Get hired! On January 1, 2002 the sale and distribution of electricity was deregulated. ReBuild Houston - CIP Map: ArcGIS Online Users: Southwest Pump Station Area For assistance with Mobility Permits call 832-395-3020 or email : New User Sign Up: Update User Profile: About: Recomended 1920 x 1200 screen size. Box 1369. Interactive maps; demographic and election reports for current state house, state senate, Texas Congressional, and State Board of Education districts; as well as selected redistricting proposals. An unimproved street right-of-way or alley must not be paved or improved for vehicular traffic and cannot have any public utilities constructed within the street or alley. Datasets include: administrative boundaries, locations, routes, pavement, right-of-way, subdivision, and Lambert Facet Page--grids commonly used by Harris County Appraisal District and City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering. This data is freely available for download and use. More... - GIS Technician. The City of Conroe provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete. Global digital elevation models (DEM) with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer). Clearinghouse for municipal GIS datasets for the City of Houston. The city's Geographic Information System (GIS) utilizes ESRI's ArcGIS for Server technology to provide the public with the most current data available. Hosted by World Resources Institute, offers many maps in HTML or PDF format with different themes to show Earth trends. Public Utilities provides water service to 140,000 permanent residents and tens of thousands of seasonal residents and visitors each year. Esri. If you want some specific data and you are not able to find it among all the published datasets, you can create a new data request specifying the data than you want to get. among others. Over 600,000 astronaut photographs from 1961 through the present. Local, regional, and global nautical charts and tools. START SERVICE. Comprehensive list of GIS and geography related websites. Maps are created using a variety of sources. Data in KML, NASA World Wind, Web Fire Mapper (WMS), and Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) are also available. Aerials (1962-2008), address points, utilities, topography, land use, zoning, environmental, transportation, base maps, and regional data. Geospatial data from City of Houston, Texas.