Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and are able to solve many kinds of problems posed to them by human trainers and experimenters. You wouldn’t really find chimpanzee swimming at all. Chimpanzees see and experience the world much as we do. Are gorillas smart? You'd have similar challenges, except that chimp can deglove your entire skull when it's cranky. Generally, chimps tend to occupy grasslands and rainforest habitats of Africa. Chimps have powerful muscles, almost twice as much as humans. Share on LinkedIn. There are four subspecies of common chimpanzee. Chimpanzees are clever enough to learn sign language, and scientists have been able to communicate with these smart apes this way. They build nests for sleeping. However, in order to have a good night sleep, chimps tend to build comfortable mattress-like beds, called nests. By means of sticks, they often fish termites or ants out of mounds. good photographic memory. Their distinctive mode of travel—walking on the sole of each foot and the knuckles of their hands—have earned them the title of knuckle-walkers. Besides, they may also eat meat including flesh of dead animals. Chimpanzees reach puberty at an age of eight and rarely live past age 40 in the wild, but in captive condition they can live more than 60 years. This is in spite of being smaller than humans, mind you; pound for pound, they are even stronger. Chimps tend to sleep in the same nest only for once. According to IUCN Red List, the chimps are critically endangered species. Bonobos are peaceful animals while common chimpanzees are  bigger and more aggressive. A male adult chimpanzee can weigh from 88 to 132 pounds. However, the chimps tend to live longer during captivity. | Love Animals? Chimps are the closest relatives of humans. Chimp meanwhile aren't just aggressive, but outright murderous and they're strong enough to littrealy rip your arms off and beat you with it. In order to make their beds stronger, chimps weave together twigs and leaves from tree branches. pleasedon'tbemad. There were several predecessor species even after breaking apart from our common ancestor with chimps but because our particular brand of pre-human was so aggressive and bred so quickly, we literally killed off all of our competitors. Even though chimps tend to gather around a feeding area, they follow “no-share” policy. yeesh, sounds like that chimp needs to chill out and smoke some weed. They can walk much easily as compare to orangutans. Besides, a chimp named Ayumu was also able to recall the correct positions of pictures onto the screen i.e. Pigs have excellent spatial memory, and can remember where they previously found food, how much there was, and how many days ago. The study worked with 32 dogs and The mother nourishes her baby for up to three years. Some chimpanzees are smarter than others, and about half of that variation in intelligence depends on genes, a study shows. I heard somewhere that zebras are responsible for more injuries to zookeepers than any other animal because they are so wild and unpredictable. I'm guessing this is a phrase which does not get used often, but I like it and will be adding it to my repertoire. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. Zoo Chimp Asks Visitors For A Drink | This zoo chimp wanted a drink — and he's so smart he knew exactly how to ask for one. In Senegal, strangely enough, the chimps may use spears to stab a small primate known as Senegal or Lesser Bushbaby. In fact, they’re our closest relations! With the aim to threaten others and maintain highest rank, the alpha chimp will puff his chest out and would like to appear much stronger than he actually is. Don't Panic! For sleeping, they tend to collect leaves and other branches in order to make a nest out of these. Look closely. Chimps feed on hundreds of different kinds of food including eggs and insects. In the wild, the chimpanzee lifespan is about 30 years or more. the biggest diamond in the universe wtf fun. The nest of a chimpanzee is at least 16 feet in diameter and may be within a range of 10 to 150 feet high. The chimpanzee communication is not quite simple to understand rather it is fairly complex.