This sentence also expresses our feelings, so this example represents three functions of language in one short sentence. Leech meaning in Hindi is Chikitsak - Synonyms and related Leech meaning is Bleed, Bloodsucker, Parasite and Phlebotomize and Sponge. Answer:The title "the leech" is a term used in the past to mean "doctor." Mind reader I thought. Where is mouth located in Leech? 2. Furthermore, no dictionary gives "leech like appearance" as a meaning for ‘alaqa and no one has suggested that the Qur'an says that man was made from a drop of sperm which became a leech. According to Leech (1974), this function doesn’t have any particular purpose. I wrote a sentence similar to (1) the other day and experienced some grammatical discomfort after writing it; however, like you, Okaasan, I didn't find anything in Quirk et al. Translation for 'leech' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations. Sometimes, a light glimmered out of the physician’s eyes, burning blue and ominous, like the reflection of a furnace, or, let us say, like one of those gleams of ghastly fire that darted from Bunyan’s awful door-way in the hill-side, and quivered on the pilgrim’s face. Search all of SparkNotes Search. Synonyms for leech-like. against using a that-clause as the direct object of like.And I haven't found anything against using that construction in any of my other grammar books, either. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Another word for leech. Near rhymes Synonyms / Related [Mentions] Definitions Significant mentions of leech like : Hirudosalt is a specially formulated recipe for making up water ideally suited for the maintenance of the medicinal leech Hirudo Medicinalis. Examples of 'leech' in a sentence leech. Another function of language is the aesthetic function. Answer: Sanguivorous. What does like a dose of salts expression mean? Definition of like a dose of salts in the Idioms Dictionary. You can describe people as leeches metaphorically in English. Definition of Leech A leech is a worm that sucks blood. A Leach would refer to a member of the Leach family such as Robin Leach, host of the 80's variety show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". ‘He says today's development economics is like eighteenth-century medicine, when doctors would use leeches to draw blood from their patients and half the time kill them in the process.’ ‘You get well, the leech gets fed, and everyone lives happily ever after.’ Dictionary ! ... or a person who attaches themselves to another person like a parasite. ... "that sounds like steve Leech to me" "Don't even think about the leech tank" "Why is my leech tank still dirty?" Ewww. Find more ways to say leech, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sentence … He was still staring." and when she opened it, her leech was standing there. leech definition: 1. a type of worm that lives in wet places and fastens itself onto the bodies of humans and animals…. A slimy, writhing rifle cartridge, engorged with human blood, had been living in this man's pharynx for 11 days. cling like a leech to cling or adhere persistently to something vb (Medicine) ( tr ) to use leeches to suck the blood of (a person), as a method of medical treatment |To "leech off of someone" means to use someone for something, an example being to leech off of someone for their money Leech-like definitions. "You're like a leech sucking off my mind" "We took out that leech with the dreads easy enough" like a dose of salts phrase. similarly, it means someone who takes from someone for their own purposes. Leech definition is - any of numerous carnivorous or bloodsucking usually freshwater annelid worms (class Hirudinea) that have typically a flattened lanceolate segmented body with a sucker at each end. representation of a sentence (p. 134). Indeed it was a leech, between 2.5 and 3 inches (6.4 and 7.6 centimeters) long, with a body shaped like the .303-inch bullets the British infantry used in their Lee-Metford rifles. When a leech feeds on its host, it releases an enzyme that numbs the feeding area so the host does not feel pain. Synonym Discussion of leech. 1.One who constantly takes from others without giving anything in return. ... Those were the guys Patrick hung around, his "friends". suddenly, gravity wasn't holding me down to earth anymore. Question 4. Learn more. 2.One who constantly copies things from others, such as style, phrases, expressions, and actions. Definition of To leech off [somebody] a leech is a big worm-like bug that sucks people's blood, like a mosquito. But the units of syntax and semantics are not the same, argues Leech, and one cannot equate word meaning with componential analysis and sentence meaning with predication analysis. Question 1. Synonym Discussion of leech. Answer: The mouth is located in the middle of the Anterior Sucker. Bob kicked Joe out of his house because he felt Joe was a leech; he ate Bob's food, used his utilities, and never seemed to have the money to pay up when the month was out. Use "leech-like" in a sentence. Leech definition is - any of numerous carnivorous or bloodsucking usually freshwater annelid worms (class Hirudinea) that have typically a flattened lanceolate segmented body with a sucker at each end. : Heave the hussy up to her anchor, Mr. Leach, when we will cast an eye to her moorings. Leech Meaning in Hindi. What the he-" I finally looked him in the eye. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The anterior end of leech has a lobe-like structure called _____. Thank you very much, Okaasan and Rachel. (money, space, time) The Carier case had repercussions, in particular for John Howson who had been on good terms with him, and came under the suspicion of George Abbot in 1615; like Humphrey Leech, another convert, Carier moved in the Durham House circle with Howson, around Richard Neile. Like A Leech To Flesh Fuji09. Missing punctuation at the end of this sentence Like other annelids, the leech is a segmented animal, but unlike other annelids, the segmentation is masked by external ring markings (annulation) Added. Chiswick Chap 16:40, 1 June 2020 (UTC) Some words, like pour contain predicates and arguments. he gave her a hug. Menu. Share this with your friends. The word alaq besides meaning a congealed clot of blood also means something that clings, a leech-like substance. The blood-sucking habit of a leech is known as _____. Or you may mean "Leech" which would refer to a friend you picked up unwittingly while wading through the everglades and is now stuck to your leg and is drinking your blood through a tiny hole he's punctured in your epidermis with his pointy little head. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 40. leech Sentence Examples | Use leech in a sentence 1. this is the first time it has been demonstrated that antibiotics can leech into the water supply. Like now was the time!Bella went to go answer the door. I deleted the sentence :vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Leeches are so different from humans biologically. French Translation of “leech” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Suggestions Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Check out Leech similar words like Hindu Translation is Chikitsak चिकित्सक. How to use leech in a sentence. He looked at me. How to use leech in a sentence. ... V. Answer the following in a word or sentence. "Saul, will you drag this human leech off me?" no duh - and use us for such a minor source of food - that it is basically impossible to catch any bloodborn disease from them. Leach definition is - either vertical edge of a square sail. Roger will not let go of this situation just like a leech gets stuck to host through … New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. A Streetcar Named Desire Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Lord of the Flies Macbeth Pride and Prejudice. Leech Sentence Examples LEECH, the common name of members of the Hirudinea, a division of Chaetopod worms. A side-by-side No Fear translation of The Scarlet Letter Chapter 9: The Leech: Page 2. Leech's notation is idiosyncratic, with a complex The enzyme also possesses anti-coagulant properties that allow for free blood flow. Once the leech removes itself from its host, the host's … Here … "You're living off of him for free just like a leech". The leech list of example sentences with leech. And the clever hussy drew from her armoire a little dagger, which she knew how to use with great skill when necessary. The world shifted. : The owl is probably a painter's skit of the screeching, scolding old hussy! Deleted sentence. How to use leech in a sentence. Jordy smells like asshole. No synonyms were found for this word. ... A leech is a small animal which looks like a worm and lives in water. "Hello Bella." Like a dose of salts - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. Answer: Sucker. How to use leach in a sentence. humphrey leech in a sentence - Use "humphrey leech" in a sentence 1. Distilled water plus HIRUDOSALT is recommended. generally, someone lazy who exploits the kindness of others. As in that person is sucking away another person's life. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus.