one USE of Three Stars to reduce MP to 0 for all. This little area can be visited by heading to the Northeast edge of the main area and exiting there. 3) ONLY summon Yojimbo through Yuna's Overdrive, Grand Summon. that is why I decided that I would PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato. But observe, it goes down BY HALF (that is, it decreases by a power of exponent, as in going down from 2-to-the-12th-power to 2-to-the-11th-power - from 4096 to 2048). If you really want to INSIST that those occasions only be Zanmato on these low-level enemies even though the Compatibility is at MAX 255, simply choose to not save, to then reboot, and then to either re-try or PAY a higher 2-to-the-Nth-power price to Yojimbo (i.e., 256, 512, etc). Unable (unwilling) to start the fight with less than all three of the sisters at the same time, as I had grown quickly tired of "GAME OVER" from their early Delta Attack. He should give you a price once you beat him. The Semi-Legendary Nemesis being Zanmato'ed by yours truly, with full aeon animations!. I just need another explanations. ...And beyond. Sign up for a new account in our community. I do not want to get 5 of every monster so i can get clear spheres, coz that would take a year (s'pecially with the rares). These moves also increases Yojimbo's affinity which can make yojimbo's affinity increase by loads once he starts never using weaker moves. 4.0 out of 5 stars Kick-Ass! The fact is, I DID indeed defeat PENANCE without Yojimbo. After I first obtained Yojimbo, I immediately began the following record-keeping of my Yojimbo grind. I have already saved past that and was wondering if there was any way to get Yojimbo to reask his quetion so I wouldn't have to pay 300000 gil to get him. So, I got the "easy" Celestial Weapons for Yuna, Rikku, & Auron. Thus, the higher their level, the higher the payment needs to be in order for Yojimbo's Zanmato to be used. Everytime you pay him in battle the stat goes up or down, depending on how much you give him. In the end a chance of free zanmato upon summoning in the end is the result. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Yojimbo dies 2. If you hired him to defeat strong enemies, you get the best Zanmato chance by far. Hope this helped some of you guys out there who wanna beat dark aeons and some of the bosses. I was strong enough to defeat Anima afterward. by Azure Edge Updated to v1.2 on Jul 30, 2002 ... -Never pay Yojimbo 0 gil. Read more. But you must pay him a real lot to do that-Also, sometimes he will just attack without you paying him, that means he likes you alot to, and No, Zanmato is NOT his overdrive!! For Yojimbo to break damage limit, you must have Auron's Celestial Weapon, the Masamune, and it must be partially powered with either the Crest or the Sigil. -Never let Yojimbo die. If you pay him 0 gil, he'll get angry (more on that in later chapters) and dismiss himself. The concept of the fight is not bad it's just the special mechanic is near useless, and there are so few mechanics that the fight becomes a simple tank and … [FFX] Zanmato Calculator app? By Helpful. But if he used Kozuka "for free," then its 0-benefit won't cost you anything if you do save afterward.). Kat. The player has to make a contract for Yojimbo's services that involves paying him 250,000 gil before he joins (if one picks the third option), but the player can haggle up to three times by offering Yojimbo less money and he will lower his price. But as you will also see below, I had grinded (ground?) share. Yojimbo can be recruited at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth near the entrance to Mt. Paying Yojimbo more than 100,000 Gil will practically assure that he uses Zanmato. Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2011. April 5, 2019 in Final Fantasy X HD. And then I went to grind to earn the (G)Perfect Sphere Master trophy by completing all of the Sphere Grids (first for Yuna & Rikku, then Tidus, then Auron, then the last 3 of whom I did not want to chase after their Celestial Weapons - those side mini-games are not what I think of as fun). But since Wakizashi-ALL (+3) does not reduce the MAX Compatibility, and since Wakizashi-ALL defeats all the low-level enemies anyway, the objective in this second series here was to not PAY Yojimbo more than needed, all so that he will still be ready at MAX Compatibility when taking on the higher level enemies later (in the still-yet-to-come third series below). You can confront them one by one if you want to fight them,otherwise summon Yojimbo with grand summon to use zanmato.I'm not sure you'll be able to use it though.If they catch you all three of them they'll have the first move and they will use their overdrive,so then it's bye-bye. How Much Should I Pay Yojimbo? That is, my system for checking the capture-progress was to save first, check to see the progress of achieving the Capture-10, and quickly soft re-start again to go off and grind more. Read more. (YES!). So, yes, I did eventually opt to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato one last Dark Aeon after all. The only way to get Yojimbo to attack your foes is to pay him some cold, hard Gil. I explain this so as to share how super strong the characters had become by the time I had reached the Dark Magus Sisters. Conditions: I choose third option by recruiting him. 50% then 50% then 70% Yojimbo will ask for 250,000 Gil which the player can offer an amount equal to half of it + 1 Gil. Or will I need more than that? I expected something so epic from a former summon. Being a traveling merchant, O'aka sells you items at a markup unless you give him a large sum of money. How do i increase compatibility of yojimbo? (I did not use Zanmato for PENANCE, as I will explain further below. 8) There is neither additional value nor benefit to PAY more than the amounts between the respective 2-to-the-Nth-powers. I am trying to defeat Dark Yojimbo 5 times in a row, then Zanmato Penance. Generally, the more you pay him, the more damage he will do. I am almost to the point of beating Yojimbo. With maximum compatibility and if you hired him to defeat strong enemies, plus if you pay him a huge amount, he becomes much more likely to use Zanmato. Anything else that happens (including DISMISSING Yojimbo!) 4.0 out of 5 stars Kick-Ass! Yojimbo is one of three secret Aeons that can be obtained through various side quests in Final Fantasy X. It also allowed me to plan and to not WASTE any already-owned rare items from the Capture-10 awards. How much gil do I have to pay him to kill the dark aeons? Full Cosplay of Yojimbo Final Fantasy 10 size M (EU 38/40, US 6/8) for 400 this complete cosplay includes: -the wig - the hat (attaches to the wig by clips) - the adjustable balet corset (closed by lace in the back) with gold foam decoration and bandage - the two-tone cotton coat - foam shoulder The Geometric number series or much more recognizable by … Pay By Using the Geometric Series + 1. In the end a chance of free zanmato upon summoning in the end is the result. Then accept this one to get him for around 200k gil. 6) As revealed by using the (linked) resources, (low) Level 1 enemies do not require more than 4,096 (i.e., 2-to-the-12th-power) Gil to be paid to Yojimbo even at the low starting Compatibility of 128. Ultimately, what I have sought to share here is simple. Im really bad at math and even worse with Excel. Anima. save. Yojimbo uses "Daigoro" attack | - 1. FF X. I've seen some posts online about an app that can calculate how much you need to pay Yojimbo to use zanmato, but now every link is a dead end. So i just need to know how much gil i should pay him for normal fiends and mosnter arena fiends to get his trust up - better yet using Zanmato. i pay and i pay and i pay till i go broke and yet he continues to use much money will it take 10,000 gil 20,000 50,000 tripled the price that that i paid to obtain him when will he cooperate.any suggestions,links or tips would be very nice I know people fill up the sphere grid differently but what I did is the spheres I found through out the game I used & then once I was able to access the monster arena I saves up 40 luck spheres, I used them on the grid & activated them on Yuna first as the amount you find in game & getting 40 from the monster arena would be enough to put luck up to 255. Anyway, at this point in the gameplay, I then continued with the focus of generally levelling up. 47______|___4096_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ [Dark Valefor], 48______|___4096_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ [Dark Ifrit], 49a_____|___4096_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ One-Eye-a, 49b_____|___4096_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ __One-Eye-b (no +20), 50a_____|___4096_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Fenrir-a, 50b_____|___8192_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ __Fenrir-b (no +20), 50c_____|___8192_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ __Fenrir-c (no +20), 50d_____|___8192_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ __Fenrir-d (no +20), 50e_____|___8192_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ __Fenrir-e (no +20), 51______|___8192_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ Nega Element, 52______|___8192_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ Tanket, 53a_____|___8192_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Ironclad-a, 53b_____|___8192_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ __Ironclad-b (no +20), 53c_____|___8192_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ __Ironclad-c (no +20), 53d_____|___8192_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ __Ironclad-d (no +20), 54a_____|__16384_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Greater Sphere-a, 54b_____|__16384_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ __Greater Sphere-b (no +20), 55a_____|__16384_|___|___|_1_|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Catastrophe-a, 55b_____|__16384_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____MAX _____ __Catastrophe-b (no +20), 56______|__32768_|_1_|___|___|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Th'uban, 57______|__65536_|_1_|___|___|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Neslug, 58______|__65536_|_1_|___|___|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ Ultima Blaster, 59______|_262144_|_1_|___|___|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ NEMESIS, 60______|_262144_|_1_|___|___|___|__+1__|_____MAX _____ [Dark Magus Sisters]. How Much Should I Pay Yojimbo? YES! Iconoclast94, This post here is a specifically detailed step-by-step process by which to use the mechanics when you want to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato whenever you want. 2) When you PAY Yojimbo, only save afterward if he uses the following: W = Wakizashi-ALL (+3) - slashes ALL of a group of (more-than-one) enemies, w = wakizashi (+1) - slashes only one enemy, K = Kozuka (+0) - throws knives, causes status Breaks, (NOTE: If you did PAY Yojimbo, then if he uses Kozuka, you probably do NOT want to save after that. On the background they are defiantly different. … Yojimbo is obtained in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. The lowest base motivation is 0 if he is paid 1-3 gil and the highest is 112 if he is paid at least 536,870,912 gil. Instead, soft re-start from the last save and make sure to ONLY have a positive number being added to Compatibility when you PAY Yojimbo. Thank you It is much lower in the NTSC version, with the lowest being 0 and the highest being 56. After the third failed attempt, I was not willing to do a fourth try. The three series (as charted) below report those details. SECOND NOTE: As the enemies were at higher and higher levels, the payments were not being cut in half. [spoiler=i001]as many of us will end up having to do, the first of the Dark Aeons, Dark Valefor, was blocking my way to the Jecht Sphere in Besaid. Hence you need to pay him to let him to stay loyal. Every one of my characters was at 150+ Luck and at 255 for all other Stats. Also in FFX there's also some sort of friend rate on the background, the more yojimbo friend points you've earned the cheaper he becomes. -Never pay Yojimbo … Sometimes, even a DOUBLE amount was not enough, so it had to be DOUBLED again, etc. Verified Purchase. The thing to remember here is that these beasts are vastly HIGHER LEVEL enemies. If that happens, it is fine as long as the result does not cause a NEGATIVE NUMBER (as explained in the previous point, #4). You Dismiss Yojimbo immediately after summoning him | - 3. Gagazet (look for a bridge and go under it). Yojimbo Yojimbo is the first secret aeon you can get and the only one who doesn't require the airship. Overall good value and nice piece. The Geometric number series or much more recognizable by … If you hired him to defeat strong enemies, you get the best Zanmato chance by far. So looking for that YES-nod from Yojimbo often results in saying "YES!" one USE of Purifying Salt to remove Haste from Penance. I farmed for 3 Ribbons for Yuna, Rikku, & Auron who, these 3, would thereby be my main fighting team. The bigger the gap between what you pay and how much gil you have, the more Zanmato level screws you. battle with Yojimbo, the required amount to PAY Yojimbo subsequently goes down (when fighting the same level of enemies). Overdrive: None. Yojimbo's attacks are determined by a formula that is a bit more complex than the basic attack damage formulae in Final Fantasy X (FFX). How much should I pay him afterwards? It thereby "remembers" the accumulated PAST HISTORY of how your battles with Yojimbo went down. Then I began the path of defeating the Dark Aeons. Fortunately, with this system, while NEMESIS & DARK MAGUS SISTERS will require to PAY 262,144 gil for Yojimbo to Zanmato, none of the Monster Arena enemies will cost more than 65,536. It's easy! Except for the toughest of the toughest enemies (i.e., Monster Arena & Dark Aeons), I could always defeat any other enemy with either Zanmato or Wakizashi for only 128 Gil. And my Yojimbo doesn't even once perform Daigoro. 10.) Maybe that's why he's only been spotted in one other Final Fantasy game since his debut in FFX, appearing as a raid boss in the Kugane Castle dungeon in XIV, alongside, of course, his trusty dog Daigoro.. Yojimbo is the first optional Aeon in Final Fantasy X that can be recruited once the party reaches the Calm Lands.Found in the Cavern below, the party must pay a hefty sum for him to join, and then again, he requires payment for each attack. With maximum compatibility and if you hired him to defeat strong enemies, plus if you pay him a huge amount, he becomes much more likely to use Zanmato. 2048 gil without full overdrive but still max compatibility and option 3 when recruiting him. As you grind using Yojimbo (using Yuna's Grand Summon Overdrive), observe how the results impact the updated amount to the increasing Compatibility. save. Question for Final Fantasy X. 3 comments. share. As I was not yet strong enough to defeat those first two Dark Aeons on my own, I was happy to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato. Break Damage: Once you get Auron's legendary weapon, the Masamune, Yojimbo can do more than 9999 HP damage. With Toshirô Mifune, Eijirô Tôno, Tatsuya Nakadai, Yôko Tsukasa. [spoiler=i002]outrun the Summoners. If I had done that, though, I would have first tried to only PAY 262,144. Final Fantasy X is one of the most loved games in the series and the HD Remaster offers you another chance to relive it all. Helpful. In the future I hope the devs fashion the story to pull Yojimbo into a Trial, much like how Diablo went from a dungeon boss to a 24man raid boss. Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Launch Trailer Charts 'The Summoner's Journey' Feb 19, 2014: Latest Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Trailer Shows Off New Features: Feb 10, 2014: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Valentine's Trailer Shows the Love: Jan 30, 2014: New Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Bundles Free Yuna Costume DLC For Lightning Returns Now, as you look at the above, YES, you will observe that "sometimes" the Wakizashi-ALL did result (three times here) after only trying to PAY 128 Gil. I played FFX International Version (Expert grid). I have 999 gil and when I pay him 333 gil he performs a zanmato. But that attack (W) is the LOWEST it will go at this low Gil-amount at this point - it will ONLY do Zanmato (+4) or Wakisazhi-ALL (+3). Generally, the more you pay him, the more damage he will do. Does anyone still have the app? A comprehensive Walkthrough from start to finish. But note, I did NOT open them until they were ALL captured of ALL areas. Question asked by samilika on Jun 15th 2004. I completed that final battle of PENANCE in less than 90 minutes, earning the, (G)Perseverance trophy with the save-file's clock at, (I share that added minutiae and this INTERRUPTION for any among us who might possess a condescending or criticizing "bad attitude" toward other gamers who want to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato for PENANCE. This guide will let you know how to use the Yojimbo calculator in order to calculate all the chances of the actions of Yojimbo. TRACK | REPORT SEE ANSWERS . Haha LOL-, especially with her having Triple Overdrive.) At Dark Yojimbo, with my main team of Yuna, Rikku, & Auron all equipped with Celestial Weapons and Ribbons, I did the kill-4-save-reload farming method to farm for every character to obtain a weapon with Break Damage Limit, armor with more Ribbons, and Break HP Limit. Yojimbo is acquired after paying him a … Yojimbo attacks using his dog (which never actually happened to me before) 3. June 17, 2019 Ersatz Ifrit Final Fantasy X / X-2 0. Her choice here will affect Yojimbo's behavior in battle and his probability in using his attacks. Unless you picked Option 1, you should only pay Yojimbo in powers of 2 (the minimum amount at which Motivation1 changes). Directed by Akira Kurosawa. To fully utilize the aeon Yojimbo, the player must answer To Defeat the Most Powerful of Enemies then the Haggling begins. If the final battle in Final Fantasy X has bored you to tears and you have not completed the Monster Arena side quest, you are in luck. If that did not work, then I would simply DOUBLE it to 524,288. You can complete the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth side quest during your first pass through the Calm Lands, however it is recommended that you come back once your characters are much higher leveled.Yojimbo will cost you 190,350 gil to obtain and you can easily get to the end of the game without acquiring him. The dark magus sisters was the hardest battle in FFX(after Penance). Yojimbo will first ask Yuna a question regarding her purpose in trying to acquire his help. Yojimbo's attacks exceed 9999 HP … Typically, you must pay 250,000 Gil, but you can instead pay closer to 194,000 by following this process. Once you reach the "baddest of the bad" enemies in the last three "lists" of the Monster Arena and the Dark Aeons, their Levels go up so high that you should expect to start going back UP in how much you will have to PAY in the necessary 2-to-the-Nth-power. It is however good to pay him 300-1000 gil on average because over time he will be way more likely to do free attacks and more zanmatos and wakizashis. You pay Yojimbo 0 (zero) Gil | -20* *-In addition to losing 20 points of Compatibility, Yojimbo automatically And if you dont want to pay that, you can pay 20000 less then repeat that 2 more times...i think. The final factor in whether Yojimbo uses Zanmato is your enemy's Zanmato Level. So now, with all the foregoing "prologue" understood, you are prepared to understand and to apply the following details for your benefit and use, as this is based on my own firsthand experience. Final Fantasy X-2, the sequel to Final Fantasy X, was originally released on PlayStation 2 in 2001.Due to the two games' popularity, the titles were remastered and sold as one game on both the PlayStation 3 and then later on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. There are several factors that decide the attack Yojimbo will execute: The base motivation (BM) according to how much he has been paid. Yojimbo's Question. sufficiently to be strong enough so that it did not make sense for me to even need to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato PENANCE.). It will also tell you what's the minimum amount to pay him in order to get a 100% chance of any attack you want (including zanmato). So I would encourage any such haters to please keep it to yourselves. Battle___|__PAY __|_Z_| W_|_w_| K_|_+ADD |_Compatibility, 00______|________|___|___|___|___|______|_____128 _____, 01______|___4096_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____131 _____, 02______|___4096_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____135 _____, 03______|______0_|___|___|___|_1_|__+0__|_____135 _____, 04______|___4096_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____138 _____, 05______|___4096_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____142 _____, 06______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____146 _____, 08______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____154 _____, 09______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____158 _____, 10______|___2048_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____161 _____, 11______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____165 _____, 12______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____169 _____, 13______|___1024_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____172 _____, 14______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____176 _____, 15______|___1024_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____179 _____, 16______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____183 _____, 17______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____187 _____, 18______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____191 _____, 19______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____195 _____, 20______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____199 _____, 21______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____203 _____, 22______|____512_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____207 _____, 23______|____512_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____210 _____, 24______|____512_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____214 _____, 25______|____512_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____218 _____, 26______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____222 _____, 27______|______0_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____225 _____, 28______|______0_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____228 _____, 29______|____256_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____232 _____, 30______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____236 _____, 31______|____256_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____239 _____, 32______|______0_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____242 _____, 33______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____246 _____, 34______|____256_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____250 _____, 35______|____256_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____254 _____, 36______|____128_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____257 _____. (Grind with Yuna -yeah, I said that, enjoy it! 7) As the accumulated total Compatibility increases after each additional (positive!)