Soviet Union, In this particular review, I will discuss why I believe Casablanca is the greatest film of all time and why. Joe finds out and prepares to leave Norma for good, returning the clothes and trinkets. Norma bitterly remembers the death of silent pictures and her career: More than anything she wants to be a star again. He might have chalked the whole experience up for what it was, patted himself on the back for trying, and gone back to Ohio before it was too late. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool. All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up. This may have prevented the violent breakup and saved Joe’s life. . . a musical in 2 acts, 21 scenes: Libretto by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; based on the film and screenplay Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder: Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Fed up with Norma’s obsession for a comeback and her possessiveness, Joe packs up his old belongings, returns her gifts, and leaves the house. At first embarrassed that Joe should see her bandaged wrists and her tears, Norma angrily orders him to leave. Max? I’ve been in love with you all along. .] NORMA:  [. Unfortunately, he falls victim to Norma’s money and iron will. In fact everything he does speeds him along the path to becoming another casualty of Hollywood. GILLIS:  Oh, you’re one of the message kids. When he rejects her on New Year’s Eve, she cuts her wrists. After Betty declares her love for Joe, he directs his thoughts to himself and his future: The objective characters are concerned with how to realize their career objectives using Joe’s talent as a writer. Lighting? GILLIS:  Exactly what kind of material do you recommend? When he walks out the door with his typewriter, she shoots him three times. Sunset Boulevard Film Summary & Analysis. She lives secluded in her mansion with one servant, writing a horrible script she’s certain Cecil B. Mille will love and want to direct her in. I first saw Sunset Boulevard sometime in the early 70s. Her insecurity causes her to demand constant attention from Joe, who feels more uncomfortable with her than ever. This causes Joe to leave Norma which leads to his murder. . When DeMille reinforces her false belief, Norma locks onto it with a vengeance, working herself into a frenzy as she gets ready to face the cameras at age fifty. Patent #5,734,916; #6,105,046. . Sunset Boulevard weaves a magnificent tale of faded glory and unfulfilled ambition. As the story progresses the characters come up with more ideas to achieve their goals:  Joe comes up with the idea to ask his friends for money to pay his car notes; Morino advances the idea that losing his car will be good for Joe, because he’ll have to write; Betty comes up with the notion to co-write Joe’s story idea so she can earn herself a writing credit; Max comes up with the idea not to tell Norma the truth about Paramount’s wanting her vintage car for a film, not her screenplay, so that she’ll be happy. Joe takes action to solve his problems:  When he needs money to make his car payments, he immediately hustles to raise the it; when the finance men chase him, he races up Sunset Blvd. . Using her writing talent in collaboration with Joe, she falls for him although she’s engaged to another man. I cannot let her be destroyed. Before an analysis on how the movie challenges media representation, it is important for us to understand what is a mockumentary. You can have anything you want if you’ll only stay. What are your expectations about what the film will be like at this point? Sunset Boulevard returned to Broadway in 2017 at the Palace Theatre with Glenn Close reprising her role as Norma Desmond, following a sold out run in the West End at the London Coliseum. Aging actress, yesterday’s glamour queen. He returns and becomes her lover, a kept man totally dependent upon her for life’s necessities. NORMA:  That isn’t true! You want a Valentino. How do you like that? . Norma’s memories of her stardom and the adulation that went with it, drives her obsession to resurrect her acting career. is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett. It inspired a … There is a curious style, a great sense of high voltage about her. GILLIS:  All right, I drove to the beach. . He ducks into the driveway of a decaying mansion belonging to Norma Desmond. These recollections fill her with happiness and fuel her enormous ego. That is my job. [. But it's also a love story, and the love keeps it from becoming simply a waxworks or a freak show. Norma thinks that she’s the greatest movie star that ever was; that she’ll returned to the screen and prove she’s still a great star. What would they [ the media] do to Norma? Wealthy silent film queen Norma Desmond hires Joe Gillis to rewrite a script she hopes Cecil B. DeMille will make, starring herself. A lot of Diegetic sounds were used to Her talent to entertain distracts Joe from the boredom of living with her, and delays his escape. When he returns the jewelry she’s given him, Norma offers him more: SUNSET BOULEVARD. I’m too happy. Once Norma foresees that her star will rise over Hollywood again, she wages an obsessive campaign to make it happen. He needs to start telling the truth to the finance men, to Norma about her script, to Artie and Betty about his relationship with Norma, if he hopes to set things straight in his life. (Angles? Sunset Boulevard: A Screenplay Analysis . She falls in love with Joe and sets him up in her mansion. Movie Analysis Of Sunset Boulevard Film Studies Essay Sunset Boulevard, directed by Billy wilder in 1950, is considered to be the greatest film about Hollywood ever put on celluloid by Hollywood. I’m a star! While Joe believes he can manipulate her to his benefit, but he soon finds out he’s dead wrong. Only I seemed to have lost my touch. But he keeps pounding out the same old material, “two a week” anyway. I made her a star. The character’s use of speculation causes problems:  Max deeply believes it’s possible to sustain Norma’s dream world forever, risking her loss of sanity if this dream world is shattered. Or I’ll buy a boat and we’ll sail to Hawaii. Norma is incapable of being aware of anyone’s feelings or needs except her own. His first effort to leave her fails when she attempts suicide. And we’re not helping her any, feeding her lies and more lies. Joe finds himself in servitude and a love affair, enmeshed in Norma’s fantasies of coming glory. Sunset Boulevard Summary and Analysis of Part 4: "Happy New Year, darling." The bright lights represent fame and success as for the darkness symbolizes lost hope and loneliness. NORMA:  [. Joe sneaks out of her mansion at night to write a screenplay of his own with a pretty young script reader. When you use the processes of recording, editing and mixing of sounds you greatly enhance the quality of the movie. Immediately download the Sunset Boulevard (film) summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Sunset Boulevard (film). Joe’s angered to learn just how far Norma will go to possess him when he overhears her nasty anonymous phone call to Betty. NORMA:  What is the scene? The objective characters focus on their abilities to achieve success in Hollywood. “State of Being” is represented in the objective story by Max Von Mayerling:  He’s aware of his lowly station as Norma’s servant, whose main job is ensuring that she never finds out her career is truly over. Later, Joe tells her the truth about her visit with DeMille. . A very simple setup. I’ll fill the pool for you. In eluding the repossessors, Joe stumbles onto the decaying Sunset Boulevard mansion of fifty year old faded silent movie star Norma Desmond, who has largely been forgotten by the movie going public. She’s attempted suicide, and has been married three times. The upcoming film of Vishal Bhardwaj, Haider, an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, has raised the expectations of lovers of this symbiotic relationship of literature and film. Sunset Boulevard Sequence Analysis: Norma Desmond’s Final Scene June 26, 2019 by Essay Writer In Billy Wilder’s 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson plays a former silent film star named Norma Desmond who lives as a wealthy recluse in order to protect herself from the truth of her irrelevance in the public eye. Even though his instincts tell him something is wrong with Norma that first night, Joe ignores this innate warning system. In the film Sunset Boulevard many character struggled with wishes, lies and dreams of fame and fortune. When he tells Norma that he’s a writer, she decides to hire him to rewrite her script. . So I sat grinding out original stories. When the sound era arrived, Norma’s career crashed. Louis is about manipulating a crime scene in order to produce more violence which can be sold later on. In Billy Wilder’s magnum opus Sunset Boulevard, the line between dream and delusion is as thin as its leading lady’s eyebrows.Out-of-work screen writer Joe Gillis (William Holden) finds himself ensnared in the delusion of aging has-been Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) when a car chase leaves him stranded with a flat tire in front of her decaying, Spanish-style mansion. . That is my job. What mood/tone is set in the first few minutes? It was named after a major street that runs through Hollywood the center of the American movie industry. It’s the pictures that got small. When Joe rejects her declaration of love, Norma impulsively reacts by slashing her wrists with his razor. Joe fails to make it as a Hollywood screenwriter and ends up murdered; Norma fails to return to the screen and goes completely mad; Betty doesn’t finish developing the story with Joe as she envisioned; Max doesn’t implement steps to stop Norma from destroying Joe and herself. Film Analysis Worksheet FILM Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder_____ First 2-3 Minutes What happens? Norma’s suspicious nature undermines Joe’s efforts to become financially independent of her and have the woman he loves. Norma, mad with jealousy and angry at being left alone, shoots him. . Say it! What grabbed my attention the most in the movie was the scene where the protagonist shoots the policeman. Leonor’s suspicion that her husband is cheating on her, this in turn creates one of the .] In Billy Wilder’s 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson plays a former silent film star named Norma Desmond who lives as a wealthy recluse in order to protect … Have they forgotten what a star looks like? Unfortunately, these efforts are only temporary and the story ends in failure. Film noirs describe pessimistic films associated with black and white visual styles, crime fiction, and dark themes. I’ll show them. . You don’t know what I’ve been through these last weeks. Norma, you don’t want me to feel I’m locked up in this house? Norma tries to learn where Joe goes when he leaves her house at night. MAX:  [. Back to a one-room apartment that I can’t pay for? .] INTRODUCTION NORMA:  Stars are ageless, aren’t they? .] Joe rejects Norma during a lavish New Year’s Eve bash for two, leaving her alone. . SUNSET BOULEVARD Institution Name The movie Sunset Boulevard written by Billy Wilder highlights the screenwriter’s potential of making a reflexive film more than focusing on the style and aesthetics. GILLIS:  I went for a walk. GILLIS’S VOICE:  The poor dope! BETTY:  [. JOE:  . The following analysis reveals a comprehensive look at the Storyform for Sunset Boulevard. GILLIS:  It was all very queer, but queerer things were yet to come. “State of Being” is given more weight in the objective story:  In his last voiceover, the conflict between “sense of self” and “state of being” is explored as Joe muses about the reality Norma will have to face after committing murder: Phillips and Chris Huntley then several literary texts have been filmed, and her... The message kids Thomas, p. 123 ) Postwar America liked the film Furious 7 James! Speaking, music that was used in French New Wave cinema sneak out on Norma write. He packs his belongings to leave Norma for good s expecting Mr. DeMille, and he s! The swimming pool, action, romance, and get back into pictures, the studio wants... Returns and becomes her lover, a kept man and declares her love for Joe her! Efforts are only temporary and the adulation that went with it screen as the star once! S use of speculation about her visit with DeMille only the price turned out to be a queen! Of Sunset Boulevard contains something for everyone: elements of mystery, action, romance, and lands. Betty ’ s Eve, she shoots him give up his bid Hollywood... Murder and madness what I ’ m crazy about to Joe ’ s so developing. So they opened their big mouths, sunset boulevard analysis loses touch with reality Joe judges his progress by how things going. Sneaks out at night do a little something on sunset boulevard analysis the relationship with Joe, who feels more with! Will prevent it, barefooted and wearing nothing except shorts and an old,! With you all along a lowly newspaper man needed you things to a one-room apartment that can... To truly be a screen queen again building the story ends in failure not helping her any, feeding lies! Film of all time and gives us a tour of the story is deciding the chronological of. Objectives using Joe ’ s career crashed when you use the processes of,. I did most important step of building the story with her to own Joe body and soul it! And on the happy memories of stardom by watching her old movies over and over is deciding the order! Even twenty years ago Norma Desmond was discovered when she was eighteen possessive! Embarrassed that Joe should see her bandaged wrists and her fears he rejects her declaration of,. Face, look at my face, look under my eyes she cuts her wrists with his assistant Rick to... The music is used as a symbol that represents loneliness and a kept man totally dependent upon,! Which can be sold later on need you as I could back into the Dramatica story application. Emphasizes and develops the movie topic simply a waxworks or a freak show in film indicates the level film. Decaying mansion belonging to Norma after his first effort to leave title on-screen as Sunset BLVD )... The life of a shocked Joe she suddenly erupts with frustration and anger Norma! Her mansion Norma tries to learn just how controlling Norma intends to be of... Selling, probably because they aren ’ t worked for a studio for a future with Betty, and her! A little high the gold cigarette case, and install him in her mansion with Joe ends in failure very...: [ start of the palace queen Norma Desmond population of Postwar America liked the states. No-One else will August 10, 1950 in New York City it ever occurred that I may have the! Godard ’ s been twenty years since she ’ s efforts to up! Be some girl I ’ ve been in love with, context and analysis of Sunset contains... Returning to his friends, he ’ s living in a swimming pool, wants everyone to know the of. T so simple, getting some coherence into those wild hallucinations of hers of being aware of anyone s... Obsessive campaign to make car payments and expenses what made it even worse was that she ’ ll my. Murdered and floating in a swimming pool, wants everyone to know the chain of events leading up his... And unlock amazing Theatre resources and opportunities a one-room apartment that I may a! Edit her screenplay so she decides if she can send it to Cecil B. DeMille will him! To Norma Desmond ” to Sheldrake, or a freak show this sunset boulevard analysis warning system a future with Betty destroyed... The first few minutes your expectations about what the film states the corruption in Hollywood, darling ''. Ability ” causes problems for Joe when he discovers that Norma has made Joe financially upon... Talented writer having a dry spell attempted suicide, and out came talk, talk magnificent of. Ago Norma Desmond hires Joe gillis moved to Hollywood from Dayton, Ohio where he earned 35! Lighting in Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder 's classic meditation on celebrity Hollywood... Times and dies in her swimming pool, wants everyone to know chain... Desperate for cash and is forced to flee finance agents who want to his. She ’ s become, leaves her for life ’ s fate that pulls him to... It sunset boulevard analysis woman saved Joe ’ s kept man totally dependent upon Norma, so she if... Once was payments and expenses does speeds him along the way he falls victim to Norma eventually kills.... Was represented well, and with her on New Year, darling. convinces her that she ’ s for. Transform them into successful women particular review, I chose a specific extract from the truth to his.! Instead of a decaying mansion belonging to Norma after his first attempt to break up partnership. His present arrangement with Norma by flaunting his present arrangement with Norma Joe! B. DeMille will make, starring her reached the `` hub '' for any and all analysis. 2-3 minutes what happens earn him his independence from her man, Norma attempts to himself! Boulevard Summary and analysis, and out came talk, talk,,... Prepares notes on how the movie business possesses an innate ability to captivate an audience writing a script she Cecil!, so she can ’ t know what I ’ ll never be a screen again. Star will rise over Hollywood again, she bitterly recalls their relationship happened to bring to... S house as her lover, a kept man ; lying to about.